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International Seminars & Speaking Engagements

Conference Speaker for the following:

International Hyperbaric Association Medical conference
  • Carribean University at Sea Jan. 2019“Latest Research on internationally-accepted uses for hyperbaric oxygen therapy”
BSAAM’s 15th Annual Anti Ageing Conference London 2018
  • London, UK Oct. 2018“Improve energy levels and reduce accelerated aging”
  • London, UK Oct. 2018“Heart Disease … The critical link to the aging process”
BSAAM’s 14th Annual Anti Ageing Conference London 2017
  • London, UK Oct. 2017“Empowering you to reach optimal health…Nature’s Way”
Women in Balance 2016 conference
  • Portland Mar. 2016“Cancer Care”
Age Wise 2016 conference
  • Portland Jan. 2016“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Healthy Aging”
Integrative Therapies Institute
  • Scottsdale Nov. 2015“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Inflammatory disorders and Immune Functioning”
Hyperbaric Therapy in Functional Medicine
  • Dallas Sept 2015“Protocols using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”
Integrative Medicine for Mental Health
  • San Diego Sept. 2015 “Critical Role for Mental Performance”
Integrative Addiction Conference
  • Myrtle Beach, SC August 2015“Oxygen for Drug and Alcohol Addiction”
Medical Academy Of Pediatrics and Special Needs (MAPS)
  • Orlando Sept. 2014“Inflammation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” ;“Treatment modalities for Cerebral Palsy and other Neurological Disorders”
International Hyperbaric Association One Day Workshop(IHA)
  • Dallas October 2014“Adult Neurological Indications and Protocols”
IV Therapies 2014 conference
  • Costa Mesa Jan. 2014“Cancer and Hyperbarics”
Complementary & Alternative Medicine Congress Meeting(CAM)
  • Cancun April 2014“Low level light therapy – Energy the key to life”
Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy & Technology Expo2014
  • London UK June 2014“Oxygen Therapy for Neurological Disorders”
Elite Sports Therapy & Medical Rehabilitation 2014 conference
  • London, UK June 2014“Elite Performance using Natural Therapies”
Pediatrics Rehab Expo 2014
  • London, UK June 2014“Treating Autism Naturally” Treating Autism Conference
  • London, UK November 2014“Natural Autism Treatments”
Wellness Tree Group Total Energy Experience 2013 Expo
  • London, UK Nov 2013 Keynote Speaker“Low Level Light Therapy”
Global GP Health Seminar —
  • Keynote Speaker: Cancun, Mexico Dec. 2001; CancunMay 2001; Cancun Dec. 2002; Cancun May 2002; Bahamas Sept. 2000; Bahamas Sept. 2001“Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy and Complementary Therapies”
Esthetique SPA International Conferences
  • Vancouver, 2005, Toronto, 2005, Montreal, 2006 Vancouver , 2006, Toronto, 2006, Vancouver, 2007“Advancing Detoxification therapies in the Medical Spa”; “Beyond Lasers”;“Hyperbaric Medicine within the Medical Spa”
Kaire international 2004 Conference
  • Orlando 2004“Understanding Nutritional Biochemistry for proper supplementation”

Radio and Television:

  • HALO International Radio interviews on: “hyperbaric oxygen therapy”, “Parkinson’s disease”, “peat hyperthermia therapy ,“chelation therapy”,“hyperbaric oxygen therapy for strokes”.
  • First Talk TV series Vancouver BC regular guest for topics such as “Diabetes”, “avoiding toxic chemicals”,“hyperbaric oxygen therapy, concussions and head injuries”