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welcome to Wow online college essay your online writing coach watch this video introduction for a taste of while online this is the first thing students see when they visit the course site welcome to WoW online you’ve come here because you have a story to tell so you can get into college you’re just not sure you know how to write it and you might even be a little nervous relax you’ve come to the right place the professionals at while writing workshop understand the competition to get into college is tough we know that we can teach you how to write your story using your own words in your own voice so you’ll stand out you’ll get a private online workshop tailored to your busy schedule you can log on before after school late at night anytime all you need is internet access you can complete the 10 steps alone or get additional help from a while writing coach you can also work with your teacher parent college coach or tutor it’s up to you we’ll give you step-by-step instructions simple writing exercises and no-nonsense advice we know the college essay process inside and out you have a story to tell we can’t wait to hear it here’s how it works each step opens with a short video once you watch the video you can read more about the stop to reinforce what you’ve learned then you will complete a writing activity to try it yourself when you finish you’ll be able to move on to the next step your writing activities will be stored securely online and you can view them whenever you want and if you need more help you can schedule time with a while writing coach for an additional fee thank you for trusting wow if you’ve already signed up let’s start writing and if not you can register now the floor mat is easy to follow the course is built around the ten step while method which was designed by professional writers and teachers and which has been tested with students of all abilities in all types of schools steps one through four prepare the student to write an essay steps 5 through 10 take the student through several drafts the first focuses on content the second an spot structure and the third is all about polish the video introductions are brief just a minute or so each the read it segments reinforce the videos and provide more insight into each step the triad segments provide straightforward writing exercises the kinds of activity students can confidently complete on their own teachers have also used these exercises in the classroom to guide students through the college essay process some steps also include resources such as common essay prompts and other supporting materials steps 5 7 and 9 are writing steps while steps 6 8 and 10 focus on review each review step includes detailed guidelines for the person who will read the essay that might be a teacher a counselor a college coach or another trusted reviewer whoever reads the draft we encourage students to own their work that’s why the review steps also include tips for students regarding how to use the feedback they’ve received while online college essay is available for individual students schools consultants and others our goal is to empower students to confidently tell their stories in their own voice and in their own words visit while writing workshop calm to learn more or to log on if you are a student we can’t wait to hear your stories if you work with students contact us to see how we can make a while online work for you

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