How to Write a Satire Analysis Essay: Body Paragraph #1

for our second video we will continue talking about proper ways to write a satire analysis essay we’ve already reviewed the introduction and now we’re going to move on to the first body paragraph now body paragraphs are composed of topic sentences proof explanation of the proof and then synthesis for the topic sentence please take a moment to pause and read what the topic sentence says now a topic sentence must have at least two different elements the first is to name what device the paragraph will be specifically using to analyze the purpose of the story or article so in this case we’re using the device of a hyperbole the next thing that a topic sentence must have is purpose now this purpose should not match the purpose stated in your thesis it should be something that builds tors accomplishing your thesis purpose therefore we’re going to use hyperbole to emphasize the power that fashion holds over the wearer in the story and this purpose will help us prove our ultimate goal of how millhowser is exposing how women fall victim to fashion conforming to consumerist society that ignores humanity now after the topic sentence come to the proof and you’re going to notice that the proof for this paragraph is quite long and we’ll talk about why the proof here is so long in just a moment but do me a favor and pause the video and give the proof a read with this proof the reason why it’s so long is because it needs a good bit of context to make the quote make sense a lot of you guys oftentimes just throw the quote in there directly after the topic sentence and sometimes that works but a lot of times the quote is unclear and using because it wasn’t explained what the quote means and why you’re using it therefore in this proof it begins with what most proofs you begin with which is the transition throughout the story is the transition then it moves into first by providing a context sometimes this context is going to be several sentences sometimes it’s going to be a couple words it really just depends on what you need to do to make your quote make sense and sometimes we’ve call it this context a tag phrase which introduced the context that is necessary so for this in order to make the quote make sense it’s necessary to explain that the dress has grown larger and larger in size becoming impossibly monstrous women are living and close as if they might live in a house or as if they’ve been devoured and then at the story’s climax note the use of terminology a scene unfold to remain are speaking with the women who are wearing the enormous gowns so in the context it provides information as to what’s happened in the story and then what’s happening in a specific scene where the quote comes from note that I did not summarize the entire story that is unnecessary a waste of time a little result in a reduced score I just provided the information necessary to see why this quote is significant then comes the quote I make sure to use punctuation a colon or a comma I open my quotation marks I put the quote then my period and I close the quotation marks for the quote the reason why there is an ellipses is because I cut part of the quote out that I did not need I’m going to make sure to only use parts of the quotes that I need to make my point however I’m also going to make sure not to reduce my quote by so much that it no longer makes sense as a sentence also note that at the end we do not have an in-text citation in text citations are unnecessary for the analysis essays you only use in-text citations for your synthesis essay therefore when doing your proof it’s going to follow the formula of transition comma tagger context and then either a comma or colon open quote place quote period close quote this is often how your proof should appear there might be some instances where it doesn’t but most of the time this is how you should write your proof now let’s move on so after the proof comes your explanation and this oops I forgot that I have another proof so next comes my explanation please take a minute to pause and read what the explanation says so this explanation is fairly short but it doesn’t need to be that long because so much context was provided before the quote and also because I still have more paragraph to write however despite being short the explanation still fulfills the two requirements that it must fulfill which is to explain how the quote works and why it is there so if the how I explain how the quote is emphasizing that women have been completely obscured and to use the word gulping which matches the same type of tone as devoured and monstrous remember that you should be developing your own writing style and therefore you’re going to be using your own diction to create your own tone so I talked about how with the quote and what it’s emphasizing then I move on to the why why does this quote matter it matters because it’s emphasizing how fashion can diminish the importance of the human wear which goes back to the purpose promised in the topic sentence therefore your why in your explanation should mirror the purpose mentioned in your topic sentence now after the explanation in order to fully approve my point for the paragraph I go into another proof and you’ll note that this proof is significantly shorter I don’t need as much context because I already provided the context for the first proof now please take a minute to read this second proof for the paragraph for this proof you can see in a much more straightforward way how it’s following the format that proof should it has a transition which is what is more it has a tag phrase that provides context it has a colon or it could be a comma it opens the quote provides the quote puts a period and closes the quote and it’s only providing information that is necessary to me for me to explain my point it’s not providing excessive lines and lines of information not necessary to my essay then comes the explanation and this explanation is going to be longer because my previous explanation didn’t fully prove my point and therefore I’m going to need to take the time to do that so please read this explanation and look for how it is fully explaining the quote that preceded it in this explanation again it goes through the how and the why the how occurs when it explains how the quote is working the quote is emphasizing the relief of the women and that they’re finally comfortable because they can be seen again that their voices faces and bodies are simply identifiable after being obscured by the dresses for so long after explaining how the quote works I then move into the why and I directly state the why the purpose of this hyperbole that’s what your why is doing is explaining the purpose of the hyperbole that you’ve just pointed out and the purpose of the hyperbole of making the dresses so large is to communicate the power that fashion holds so the women figuratively disappear into the dresses just as people literally sacrifice their bodies and individuality to wear what’s popular so there I’m explaining the how and the why note that this is coming from my own brain and that I’m not just repeating things that the author has said graters of the essays want to see that you have your own thoughts and that you can express them in a sophisticated manner now after the explanation which is arguably the most important parts of aerobatic body paragraphs comes the synthesis so do me a favor and give the synthesis a read the purpose of the synthesis is to relate to the paragraph as a whole back to the thesis to prove and also to make it clear how this paragraph is ultimately aiding and proving your ultimate point of the essay now you can see that this is the synthesis because it’s bringing back the author’s name millhowser and then it’s using that keyword ridicules whenever you’re talking about purpose you’re likely going to use the word ridicule so you should oftentimes use the word ridicules in your synthesis this was a rhetorical analysis you would say millhowser persuades if this was a literary analysis you would say millhowser develops or creates the image of but in this case we say millhowser ridicules and explain what the purpose of this paragraph was what it was proving and it’s to prove that he ridicules how thoughtless people must be to render their selves invisible and miserable simply because others are doing the same and this relates back to my thesis helping to prove that thesis but I still have multiple paragraphs to go before I ultimately achieve proving that thesis therefore in your synthesis you want to relate back to the thesis but it’s not going to be exactly the thesis yet because you haven’t fully proved your point and you’re also going to want to make sure to use your key terms such as ridicules or for other essays persuades or creates the image now that’s the end of the explanation for our first body paragraph if you’re curious as to how you would continue into your next body paragraph please watch video 3 to see how the second body paragraph would be constructed thanks

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