Avira Phantom Vpn Review 2022

Get unlimited access to all our products, across all your devices. When I connected to a nearby VPN server, my speeds dropped by about 51%. Websites still loaded quickly, but I experienced 2-3 seconds of buffering when I tried to skip through HD videos. I then connected to the nearest server to my true location and ran another test. Avira Phantom VPN has a strict no-logs policy— it doesn’t collect or store any personal data that can be traced back to you about the websites you visit or the files you download. During the account creation process, your email is recorded so the VPN service can be provided to you.

Is Bitdefender still free?

In the email, Bitdefender explained that immense changes in the security industry have upended many of its plans for product development and unfortunately, beginning January 1 2022, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition will officially be discontinued and will no longer be available for use.

As a security company based in privacy-conscious Germany, we don’t track what you do, and don’t allow anyone from doing so. For your security, we recommend switching to Windows 10 or Windows 11 before downloading Avira software. Companies can’t ask us to delete or change user reviews. Sweeney is an internet and blockchain enthusiast with a background in content marketing.

Local Speed Test Results Before Using Avira Phantom Vpn:

Avira’s home screen shows only the power button and your current virtual location. It installs free versions of Avira Phantom VPN and System Speedup that do include the option to block the obnoxious pop-ups. That’s why I tend to favour German/Swiss companies, because they have pretty stringent privacy requirements. I’ve actually done it more than once where I use a VPN service and access the store.

A veteran of the VPN industry, Private Internet Access has stayed firmly on most “Top 10 VPN” lists for its comprehensive features. PIA is completely transparent with its open-source software and offers ad-blocking, advanced encryption settings, and 24/7 customer support. Both these providers offer advanced features and more functionality than Avira.

Is Avira Phantom Vpn Fast? No, It Is Quite Slow

The contact hours for telephone queries are very limited, Monday to Friday, 2-5 PM. The number of servers has grown respectable, even if their geographic spread could do with a bit more variety. All the same, we anticipate more servers finding their way into the provider’s network. We want you to know that The Informr is an independent resource.

What makes it even worse is that Germany is subject to some local data retention laws, which Avira has to comply with. Despite not having the widest tunneling protocol selection, Avira Phantom does take care of the essentials. You have a protocol https://topbitcoinnews.org/can-you-get-a-loan-with-bitcoin-bittrex-minimum/ for safety and an option for speed . WireGuard is also there, but it’s only available for Android, making it more of a test feature. Still, this alone shows that they’re set to improve their service, which is good news for its users.

Most times it was great to use but then when I was getting “error unknown” or “fatal error” messages I could find absolutely no help or support and felt stranded. Now it’s happened again I’ve simply uninstalled it and am going elsewhere. Shame really because I’ve used their other product which has been fine.

Local Speed Test Results With Avira Phantom Free Vpn:

Also, we kept the best score and used the best location when it was possible. Luckily, we managed to cancel the subscription successfully, making sure that Avira doesn’t take our money in vain. Click on the server you want, use the connection button, and the connection will be established in a few seconds.

All paid Avira Phantom plans feature a 30-day refund policy. So you can go ahead with the annual plan to save the most money, yet still back out within 30 days if you’re unhappy and get your money back. Free plan – all features, except there’s a 500mb/month limit on unregistered users, and a 1GB/month limit on registered users. Registered means registering for a free Avira account on their website. Avira will keep some record of diagnostic information for any potential bugs and product issues users might run into. But this part is optional, so you can toggle your own settings inside the VPN client.

Enter Your Email Address To Submit Your Review

That way, you could test drive their service before upgrading. The answer their support rep provided only included instructions for downloading and installing the correct client. We wanted to test out their support time, so we posed a simple question about the available protocols. You have to login first, with the same email address under your paid plan, before being able to submit any questions.

How do I uninstall Avira Phantom VPN?

To open the Internet browser, click on the Windows icon on the left hand side. Choose Settings, System, Apps, and Features, then click the appropriate button. Then, choose the Avira product from the list and uninstall it.

Avira is popular for its antivirus service and is not that widely recognized for its VPN. As such, there aren’t many threads on Reddit related to Avira Phantom VPN. This is a very impressive logging policy that only records the bare minimum of information for Avira to maintain and run the service.

Avira Phantom Summary

Founded in 2013, the site’s mission is to help users around the world reclaim their right to privacy. Thus, Avira VPN should provide adequate privacy levels for most people’s needs. Measures amount of data consumed – This enables us to control the costs of providing our VPN infrastructure – and continue providing Phantom VPN free of charge. An FAQ section is filled with previously asked questions that other users and Avira staff have responded to. This part of the website allows people to ask questions that other users can answer . It means that people have the opportunity to share info with, and learn from, other Avira users.

  • Also, it helps you avoid geo-restrictions within a specific region.
  • These are all terms you may have encountered when reading about virtual private networks.
  • That said, all of Avira’s apps offer some decent functionality and are easy to set up and use.
  • Websites took 2 or 3 seconds to load and I had trouble trying to watch HD video — I had to frequently pause for 5-10 seconds to let the video buffer.
  • Considering its small size, Avira would do well to consider a more even distribution of its server network.

If you are looking for a VPN with tidy and accessible software, Avira is the perfect choice. However, if you like VPN services with many advanced features to choose from, you can look at other VPNs. As far as streaming goes, Avira Phantom VPN performed very well. Unblocked most of my platforms as well as providing me with fantastic speeds and no lags from any servers I tried, even when I was far away. The provider scattered its 50 servers across 36 countries.

Having said that, we tested the speed in numerous locations to provide you with the average. Avira Phantom’s speeds have really improved in recent months, especially if you’re planning on connecting to a server in the same country as your physical location. However, Avira VPN is still struggling over longer distances. It’s simply unable to compete with our fastest VPN services on connections from the UK to the US and Asia. The user interface is OK, but having used NordVPN previously I see that I can’t choose to whitelist apps to use my regular connection. Meaning that this VPN will tunnel ALL your data through their VPN servers.

This is a little disappointing, particularly as Avira Phantom VPN gives all users the ability to connect unlimited devices. It seems like a bit of a waste to only use it on a couple of devices. Normally, I prefer to choose a VPN that I can use when I’m on family gaming how to use electrum bitcoin wallet consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. A VPN adds an extra layer of protection for yourself and the members of your household who are playing online. Depending on which country you need to access, Avira Phantom VPN might be an excellent VPN for you.

Do I need Avira Phantom VPN?

In short, unless you need a VPN for unblocking various streaming platforms or hardcore anonymity in countries like China, Avira Phantom is a decent choice if you’re buying the Avira Prime antivirus package.

I did get the paid version, however, and my speeds are good enough that I notice no significent slowdown. Pretty difficult to test and review BlackVPN without actually buying it Gilbert, as they don’t have a free version. They do have monthly plans, why don’t you buy it for one month and see how it goes. We compiled reviews from several reputable aggregators to provide you with an overview. Overall though, there are simply too many providers offering better packages for Phantom VPN to make a lasting mark. On Windows, the client passed all of our VPN leak tests.

Ipvanish Vpn

You can use it without signing up, and you don’t even need to provide your email address. Avira Phantom VPN app design looks very similar to the desktop versions. It’s minimal but informative enough for a novice user to easily find what they’re looking for.

I’ve sent two messages and have yet to receive any response. After a few days, I uninstalled it from my laptop as it wasn’t auto-connecting. The same concern is happening on the iOS, but I’m giving it a bit longer to see if the problem will fix itself. Recently Avira advertised a free limited time offer of their “Phantom VPN Pro” which I’ve been using for the last two weeks. This was more out of curiousity as I normally use Disconnect.me VPN.

Is ExpressVPN legal?

While ExpressVPN is perfectly legal, using it for illegal activity can only lead to problems eventually. This is somewhat similar to how the companies that distribute links for copyrighted material have been under fire in recent years.

On the plus side, users can connect as many devices as they’d like, and use any of the service’s servers. Apparently, when running VPN software, atfx forex surfing the net was much slower than surfing without VPN. However, this also depends on the VPN servers the VPN tool connects with.

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